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5 free holidays to Australia for everyone has been lost.

110250-575blog1There is no doubt a good break away with your family or with a group of like  minded strangers on a tour, is just the tonic for the doom and gloom of our outrageous banking crisis (don’t get us all started).

Infact, so appalling is the bail out that our very own banks have cost us a… read the rest of “5 free holidays to Australia for everyone has been lost.”


Escorted Touring doesn’t get any cheaper than this. Book now,

apt-jpgblogGood offers come and go and then once in a while we really work super hard and manage to get a real corker.

There is no better way to see Australia than with a guide being driven around whilst you look at all there is to see. We have sold many escorted tours and are proud to be on… read the rest of “Escorted Touring doesn't get any cheaper than this. Book now,”


Whats the best little known reef in Australia

whale-shark-ningaloo-reef-420x0blogWe all know about the Great Barrier Reef, full of Great Whites that eat you and plenty of good diving etc..particularly if you take one of the extended 2 or 3 nighters away from the masses.

But a little secret, although sadly the cat gor out the bag recently in the press, is the largest fringing reef in the world… read the rest of “Whats the best little known reef in Australia”


What is a real Aussie holiday?

I am often asked what would I do if I went on holiday with my family (2 kids aged 13 and 10) to Australia. It is a difficult one to answer as we all have different desires and dreams when visiting what New Zealanders warmly describe as the West Island!

Without doubt the big marketing bucks are behind New South Wales and Queensland with the obligatory Red Centre thrown… read the rest of “What is a real Aussie holiday?”


The Sydney Festival

106034-574blogWhilst in the northern hemisphere we are battling the dark days and the bleak winter weather in January, on the other side of the world Australians are basking in mid-summer heat and enjoying a plethora of art, theatre, music and dance events at the annual Sydney Festival.  Attracting a total audience of approximately one-million people, it is the most attended… read the rest of “The Sydney Festival”


Euro Lottery and the £45m Australia Holiday

OK, Im slightly envious of the people who have just won a few quid but we are all now discussing what we would do with the cash if we were the lucky recipients. Would I blow any of the money. You bet ya I would and I thought we could assist with an Australian Holiday that many of us mere mortals can simply aspire to.

Arrive Sydney and Stay… read the rest of “Euro Lottery and the £45m Australia Holiday”

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